The Industrial Division of the Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO
Dayton, OH

This is the 2022 fellowship description for this mentor organization. No longer participating for 2022, will be back in 2023. Apologies for the inconvenience.

IUE-CWA is a labor union representing workers in a variety of industries for several major employers, including General Electric, Trane, and Aptiv/Delphi. It is a division of the Communications Workers of America.

The Legal Department of IUE-CWA has welcomed PBF fellows for years. We see it as a way of fulfilling our professional obligation to help develop new attorneys, and of strengthening the labor movement by introducing them to the practicalities of our field.

PBF Fellows work at our national headquarters in Dayton, OH. The department's primary mission is to empower our frontline staff and elected officers to handle all labor relations problems, such as shop floor issues, grievances, arbitrations, and collective bargaining.  It also provides legal support in administrative or judicial forums to the Division for all matters arising regionally or nationally.

The Legal Department performs a wide variety of legal work, including writing legal memoranda, assisting with grievances and arbitrations, NLRB and other administrative law proceedings,  state and federal litigation, and internal union matters. We routinely deal with matters arising under the NLRA, ADA, FMLA, WARN Act, Title VII, OSHA, and ERISA. We also work with a panoply of state laws, including bankruptcy and property law, and workers compensation.

The Peggy Browning Fellow can expect to work closely with department attorneys on any of these matters.  They will have opportunities to attend out-of-office meetings, conferences, and negotiations.  They may also serve as co-counsel in arbitration hearings.

The position is very flexible, and the Fellow has substantial freedom to perform work that is most interesting to them.

In addition to the basic application requirements (cover letter, application form, essays, resume), applicants for this fellowship must also include a legal writing sample.

The stipend for this fellowship is $20 per hour for 35 hours a week, for ten weeks.

Address cover letter to:

Legal Department
2701 Dryden Road
Dayton, OH 45439

For more information on IUE-CWA, visit www.iue-cwa.org.