The Peggy Browning Fund Philadelphia 2022 Ad Book

Board Resolution to Establish the Mary Anne Moffa – Peggy Browning Fund Fellowship WHEREAS: In her more than 20 years of service as Executive Director of the Peggy Browning Fund, Mary Anne Moffa devoted her life to building the Peggy Browning Fund into the premier organization in the country devoted to educating and inspiring idealistic law students to pursue careers using their legal talents to serve working people by advancing social, racial, and economic justice; and WHEREAS: Mary Anne Moffa has touched the lives of hundreds of Peggy Browning Fellows with her warmth and concern and has earned their love and respect; and WHEREAS: It is fitting in this 25th anniversary year of the Peggy Browning Fund for the Board of Directors to establish the Mary Anne Moffa – Peggy Browning Fund Fellowship in her honor. THEREFORE IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED THAT: Starting with the Summer of 2023 and continuing thereafter in every year in which the Peggy Browning Fund (PBF) grants Peggy Browning Fund Fellowships, PBF will grant a fellowship to be known as the ‘Mary Anne Moffa-Peggy Browning Fund Fellowship,’ Educating Law Students on the Rights and Needs of Workers