The Peggy Browning Fund Philadelphia 2022 Ad Book

Alumni We educate law students about the rights and needs of workers. We aim to develop thoughtful and passionate labor advocates. Since 1997, we placed law students in 1, 221 Peggy Browning Fellowships, with over 100 more to come in 2022. We’re proud to say that, not counting students still in law school, 41% of our alumni are working in the labor movement and 25% support social justice in various public interest jobs. Another 4% have recently graduated and haven’t let us know yet where they are working. We’ve lost track of many others but are always looking for them. We can’t list them all, but here are a few examples. Many work for unions, including: Michael Artz – Associate General Counsel at AFSCME and member of our Board of Directors; Christopher Bangs, Laura Karr, and Richard Otzel - Associate General Counsel, and Dan Smith - General Counsel, Amalgamated Transit Union; Amy Bokerman, Alyssa Tramposch, and Gideon Martin – Assistant General Counsel, Hotel & Gaming Trades Council, AFL-CIO; MatthewStark Blumin –DeputyGeneral Counsel, Coalition of Immokalee Workers; Antonia Domingo, Nate Kilbert, and Katy Shaw – Assistant General Counsel; and Mariana Padias – Assistant Director of Organizing, United Steelworkers; Andrew Gold – Representative, UFCW Local 1776; StevenGrubbs –AdvocacyRepresentative, SEIUHealthcare PA;