The Peggy Browning Fund Philadelphia 2022 Ad Book

National Law Students Workers’ Rights Conference Feedback The feedback from attendees at our annual conference has been remarkably consistent year after year. Students always make useful suggestions about specific topics and workshops for future sessions, and they are grateful for the opportunity to participate. Some typical quotes: • Incredible workshops! The professionals were open, engaging and thought-provoking. • Panelists were terrific – very knowledgeable and open to being contacts for future career/legal questions. • I really appreciate this space for bringing progressive and worker-oriented law students together. • Loved the positive messages about labor. • Very inspirational – truly reinforced my desire to join the labor movement as a labor lawyer. • All the lecturers were eloquent and presented relevant and comprehensive information in each subject area. • This conference has motivated me to get more involved with workers and organizations in my community and to publicize the program amongst my colleagues. • The panelists gave great practical advice for beginning our careers. • This conference inspired me to stay involved in the labor law movement.