The Peggy Browning Fund Philadelphia 2022 Ad Book

1111335495 Daniel J. Ratner Pamela Jeffrey Carl J. Levine David Slutsky Allyson L. Belovin Robert H. Stroup Dana E. Lossia Micah Wissinger Ryan J. Barbur Alexander Rabb Laureve D. Blackstone Patricia McConnell Linda E. Rodd Kimberly A. Lehmann Aleksandr L. Felstiner Jessica I. Apter Rebekah Cook-Mack Geoffrey A. Leonard Paula Del Valle Torres Alexis Stanley ********************************** we join in celebrating and honoring Mary Anne Moffa we recognize and appreciate Mary Anne’s many valuable years of service and dedication to the PBF as Executive Director ************************************** Levy Ratner is proud to support The Peggy Browning Fund Levy Ratner, P.C., a law firm based in New York City, represents public and private sector employees, plaintiffs, and unions in a wide range of industries. We litigate employment, labor law and civil rights cases. (212) 627-8100 Advancing the rights of everyone who works