The Peggy Browning Fund Philadelphia 2022 Ad Book

We also thank the following individuals and organizations whose talent, time, energy, persistence and support have made this evening’s program possible: Our awardee, Mary Anne Moffa for her tireless commitment to law students working for workers and their families, her inspirational leadership, and her enthusiastic support of PBF’s mission. Tonight’s Committee and Guests PBF’s Joe Lurie and Rich Brean; PBF’s Board of Directors; Patricia Westwater, video producer and Jane Wholey, video editor, Creative Print Group’s Howard Friedman, Pam Wakeley, and staff; Chris Dailey at The Awards Center; Ruben Reyes, Lyquix, Inc.; Peggy Browning Fund staff, Rachel Del Rossi, Rhonda Gelman Kelley and Ruby Tumasz. Those whose ads and contributions arrived too late for inclusion in this virtual program book.