2021 Washington, DC Peggy Browning Virtual Award Program

Congratulations to this year’s Washington, D.C., Peggy Browning Award Honorees. Fred Redmond International Vice President United Steelworkers Patricia Shea General Counsel Communications Workers of America Barry S. Slevin President Slevin & Hart, P.C. Your tireless efforts to advance workers’ rights and achieve social and economic justice are an inspiration to us all. President Chris Shelton Secretary-Treasurer Sara Steffens District Vice-Presidents Dennis Trainor, District 1, New York, N.Y. Ed Mooney, District 2-13, Philadelphia, Penn. Richard Honeycutt, District 3, Atlanta, Ga. Linda Hinton, District 4, Cleveland, Ohio Claude Cummings, Jr., District 6, Austin, Tex. Brenda Roberts, District 7, Denver, Colo. Frank Arce, District 9, Sacramento, Calif. Sector and Division Vice-Presidents and Canadian Director Lisa Bolton, Telecommunications & Technologies Margaret Cook, Public, Health Care and Education Workers Charles Braico, NABET-CWA Jon Schleuss, The NewsGuild-CWA Carl Kennebrew, IUE-CWA Industrial Division Sara Nelson, Association of Flight Attendants-CWA Martin O’Hanlon, Director, CWA-SCA Canada At-Large Members Dante Harris, AFA-CWA Local 29012 Vera Mikell, Local 2205 Gloria Middleton, Local 1180 Erika White, Local 4319