20th Anniversary
Solidarity Series

This year marks the Peggy Browning Fund’s 20th Anniversary. Since 1997 we have supported nearly 800 law students in 10 week Summer Fellowships. It’s where they gain invaluable insights into the uniquely rewarding mission of advocating for workers.

The profiles below are part of our 20th Anniversary Solidarity Series featuring the stories of our alumni and their path to a career in labor or public interest law following their Peggy Browning Fellowship. Their stories show how our program has helped them to focus their efforts to a rewarding career.


  • "What my Fellowship did for me was to give me a glimpse into the “real” world of practicing labor law and advocating for workers’ rights, and enabled me to ascertain for myself what I needed to know once I stepped out of law school to be an effective attorney and advocate."

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  • "My Peggy Browning Fellowship really helped to confirm that I did want to pursue labor law. It transformed law into something more tangible, because you could actually see how your efforts helped real people."

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  • “My fellowship helped plug me into the local and national community of people who do this work.  And the fact the position was funded allowed me to do it; given life circumstances at the time, I would not have been able to take a non-paid position.”

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  • “Public interest students really have to double down and put in extra work to seek out the path less traveled. Look for groups and events at your school that are of interest to you, make connections with practitioners, and don’t be afraid to reach out to them for advice, or to ask about opportunities at their organizations!”

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  • “My Peggy Browning Fellowship eliminated any doubts I may have had about my ability and desire to practice workers’ rights law."

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  • “My first year of law school was so reading-intensive that I found myself regularly asking, ‘How does this help people?’ ‘What good does this do?’ I began to find answers to those questions at the Equal Justice Center in Austin, Texas."

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