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Jobs to Move America (JMA)

Jobs to Move America (JMA) is a national organization working to ensure that public investment in manufactured equipment and infrastructure supports quality American jobs, and generates career opportunities for historically underrepresented workers in the industry, as well as those facing barriers to employment. Jobs to Move America (JMA) is seeking a full-time National Legal Director. This position is an excellent opportunity for organizers with legal training interested in new models of policy and organizing at the intersection of racial, economic, and environmental justice. The overall program seeks to transform how global companies receiving public support create good jobs and community benefits in the U.S. The target starting date is September 1, 2019, or as soon thereafter as possible. The Legal Director will be supervised by JMA’s Executive Director and will delve deeply into state and federal law to help JMA’s campaign teams in Alabama, Mississippi, California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey win powerful policies to create high-road American jobs, support worker and community organizing, remedy historical hiring inequities, and strengthen American manufacturing. The job will also include a range of different types of outreach to public officials, the labor and social justice communities, and with other allied groups around the country.

The position will be based in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles or Birmingham, Alabama where JMA’s four offices are located. There is a slight preference for candidates willing to locate to Chicago. More information is available here.

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