National Representative, Level 1/2

American Federation of Government Employees
District of Columbia

Vacancy Announcement – National Representative, Level 1/2, 7th District.

The purpose of this memorandum is to advise you that a vacancy now exists for the position of National Representative, 7th District, effective immediately.

Salary will be based on experience, and in accordance with the AFGE/CWA Local #2385 Contract, Article 4.

Official Station: 7th District, Michigan

Selection to fill each vacancy will be made in accordance with the AFGE/CWA Local #2385 Contract, and the National Executive Council's policy on hiring.

All interested applicants must apply in writing only to this email: Attention: National Representative #30 to the Human Resources Department.



This District functions to organize Government employees into appropriate units of recognition, provide needed services, and to exercise general supervision over AFGE affairs within the states of the assigned District. This includes planning and conducting organization campaigns; resolving representational issues; assisting and training local officials and members in union administration, contract negotiation and administration, labor ¬management relations, grievance and appeal processes; and in the use of impasses, ULP's, conciliation, mediation, and arbitration.


Incumbents perform the full range of employee and labor relations duties for an assigned area which requires the resolution of complex and controversial issues, a broad understanding of objectives and implications, the modification of guidelines, deviation from normal practices and procedures, and the use of innovative approaches. For example:

1. Plans and conducts organizing and membership drives to establish new locals or build membership of established locals; provides direction and leadership to the campaign. Secures professional assistance from NVP or National Office in situations where AFGE is being seriously challenged by another union. Distributes literature, addresses prospective members and solicits membership and dues check off applications. Represents AFGE in unit determination issues before Regional FLRA officials and participates in the development of briefs or related materials if an appeal is warranted.

2. Attends local and district meetings to identify and resolve difficult and controversial local problems. Devises basic and advanced district training programs and conducts courses in the Federal Labor movement; leadership and steward training; collective bargaining techniques and procedures; organizing efforts; grievance arbitration; filing unfair labor practice charges; and the use of impasses, conciliation and mediation. Regularly participates in district wide seminars and National Office staff training programs. Assures that district programs are updated regularly to incorporate changes in personnel policies, functions, precedents, and case law.

3. Frequently represents employees in predominately complex grievances and appeals resulting from employee; dissatisfactions, contract violations, adverse actions, classification appeals, and other disputes. Attend preliminary meetings to clarify issues. Conducts hearings, makes opening statement, questions and cross-examines witnesses, and makes closing arguments. Regularly prepares and submits briefs to the Appeals Review Board or similar tribunal in an effort to have unfavorable decisions reconsidered. Cases often include issues not covered by specific laws, policies, procedures, and precedents demanding innovative research and development.

4. Regularly serves as Chief Negotiator for the negotiation of contracts. Drafts contract proposals taking into consideration the desires of the unit, management’s position, and move both parties toward a reasonable settlement. Decides negotiability issues for the local and skillfully uses the full range of collective bargaining techniques including impasse and mediation and conciliation services.

5. Investigates unfair labor practices and prepares actual charge letters, formal complaints, and processes the complaints to successful conclusions by utilizing the hearing procedures of the Federal Labor Relations Authority, or procedures of other appropriate authorities.

6. Investigates complaints against district and local officials. Collects data, evidence, statements, affidavits, prepares an analytical report citing problems, facts, conclusions, and recommendations. Refers matters that cannot be resolved informally to the NVP for appropriate action. Upon appointment, serves as a local or council trustee.

7. Carries out AFGE policies by reviewing local's constitutions, financial reports, and properly advises locals as to how to administer a local union, in accordance with applicable AFGE and Federal Regulations and laws.


The National Vice President assigns a specific area' defines objectives, priorities, deadlines, and provides assistance with unusual situations which do not have clear precedents or procedures. Thereafter, employee is responsible for planning and carrying out the assignments, resolving conflicts as they arise, and coordinating work with others in the local and district. Work is reviewed in terms of effectiveness in meeting requirements or expected results.


1. The incumbent of this position must be a citizen of the United States and a member of AFGE for at least one (1) year prior to application for this position or a member of an AFL CIO union affiliate.

2. Demonstrated aggressiveness in union membership organizing, both one on one and in groups, and be able to handle an organizing program in all aspects from inception to conclusion. Also demonstrates the ability to handle representation case hearings, preparation of contract proposals and contract negotiations at the local level, being cognizant of member concerns and workplace issues.

3. Two (2) years experience working in a union labor/management environment where organizing, representation, and negotiation skills were utilized at the local level and the ability to work calmly and effectively in a sensitive, stress producing environment with people of different personalities. Education above high school level may be substituted in lieu of work experience on a year for year basis.

4. The ability to analyze facts and allegations, and determine acceptability, have demonstrated initiative, leadership, dependability and ability to work independently and be a self starter and be able to demonstrate written and verbal communication skills, utilizing clear and concise language skills.

5. Be able to assist/train local officers in handling administrative matters, in accordance with AFGE rules, regulations and policies and have knowledge of current labor management laws, rules, and regulations covering Federal Sector or D.C. Government Employees.

6. Must have an interest in and loyalty to the labor movement.


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