Attorney Advisor

National Labor Relations Board, Office of Board Member McFerran
District of Columbia

Office of Board Member McFerran, Washington DC Headquarters | 2 Positions

The incumbent of this position serves as attorney advisor on a Board Member's staff and is responsible for: (1) analyzing and recommending disposition of cases; (2) performing or participating in special research and study projects (3) recommending changes in the Board's policies, regulations, and procedures; and (4) providing opinions and recommendations on proposed legislation affecting the Board's functions.

Handles individual cases as assigned by the Board Member that may include cases representative of the most difficult in the field of administrative law;
Prepares "bench memoranda" setting forth the contested issues the Board must decide;
Prepares memoranda summarizing the arguments contained in amicus briefs in cases in which the Board has invited briefing by interested members of the public;
Drafts official decisions/orders of the Board; and
Reviews memoranda prepared by other counsel.

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