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National Labor Relations Board, Office of Representation Appeals
District of Columbia

Office of Representation Appeals, Washington DC Headquarters | 2 Positions


Serves as Counsel in the Office of Representation Appeals. The incumbent is responsible for: (1) personally analyzing and recommending disposition of cases, (2) on occasion, performing or participating in special research and study projects; (3) drafting proposed changes in the Board's policies, regulations, and procedures; and (4) preparing draft opinions and recommendations on proposed legislation affecting the Board's functions.


The selectee of this position is responsible for performing the following duties:

Considers and formulates recommendations on substantive and procedural problems relating to the work of the Board. Makes initial determination as to whether issues in cases have been sufficiently covered by established Board policy and precedent to permit decision by a panel of three Board Members and drafting a proposed decision and order for circulation to and approval by panel members.

Independently plans and conducts special studies as assigned by a Board Member, the Director of the Office of Representation Appeals, or the Deputy Chief Counsel of the Office of Representation Appeals on difficult and novel questions of law, policy, and procedure that arise in the administration of the Act and formulates recommendations thereon for consideration by a three-member Board panel and/or the full Board.

Provides advisory assistance to Board Members in preparation for oral argument hearings as well as attends oral arguments when directed by the Board Member, Director, or Assistant Chief Counsel.

Researches statutes, decisions, opinions, legislative history, and other legal authorities on the points of law involved and the application of such findings to the case at hand.
Studies the formal trial or hearing record, including complete transcripts of testimony and exhibits, together with the Hearing Officer's report or the Regional Director's decision and appeals and briefs of counsel filed subsequent thereto.

Prepares a comprehensive written analysis and digest of the facts and legal issues in cases requiring consideration and decision of the full Board.
Makes oral presentation of cases to a panel of three Board Members or the full Board and participating in discussions on the merits and proposed disposition of cases and recommends cases which oral argument by parties should be granted.

Drafts the official decision and order of the Board in cases assigned while separating dissenting and concurring opinions. Consults with Director or Assistant Chief Counsel and as necessary with other Board Members, their front offices, and their representatives in preparing revisions and alterations in official Board decisions and opinions.
serves as the representative on special intra-Board and agency committees established on an ad hoc basis to consider and formulate recommendations on substantive and procedural problems relating to the work of the Board.

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