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Need a Summer Law Clerk?
The Peggy Browning Fund has Candidates.

Since 1997, the Peggy Browning Fund has been recruiting and placing progressive law students in summer law clerk positions. The positions have been with the legal departments of labor unions, worker centers, union-side law firms, and non-profit organizations which provide legal assistance to workers. The applicants are gifted young people and have done very well in law school.

Typically the applications we receive far outnumber available fellowships. After we fill our positions, there remains a large group of eager and exceptional law students who are looking for summer clerkships. We will refer these students to LCC members.

If you are interested in hiring a summer law clerk, please send us a brief description of the position, application requirements, the time frame for which the position is available, and your contact information. Contact Mary Anne Moffa, Executive Director, at 267-273-7992 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We will notify our remaining applicants about the position and will post it on our web site. The students will be advised to contact you directly. Please advise us if you do hire one of our applicants.