2020 National Law Students Workers' Rights Conference

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility & Registration See #1 – #5
Costs See #6 – #9
Workshops & Meet-Ups See #9
Other See #10
  1. How are students selected to attend the conference?
    Each school selects its own student(s). The selection method varies from school to school. Typically, schools consider such factors as the student’s demonstrated interest in either workers’ rights issues or public interest law; whether the student has previously attended the conference; whether it’s the student’s last chance to attend (e.g., in the case of a 3L vs. a 1L student); etc. Some schools choose by lottery.
  2. Does the school need to let the Peggy Browning Fund (PBF) know which law students have been selected to attend? Is an e-mail notification sufficient?
    Yes. Email notification is fine. Please indicate if the school will be paying for each of its students or if you are asking PBF to cover one student. When we receive a registration form directly from a student, we will confirm with the school before processing the registration.
  3. Several students from my school have already registered. Can I still register?
    Ask your career services director, public interest advisor, or labor law professor to contact us to see if you can be added to the list of attendees.
  4. My school is not a participating law school. Can I still attend the conference?
    If your school is interested in participating, it’s easy to join. Ask your labor law professor, career services director or public interest advisor to contact us.
  5. I attend school part-time. Am I still eligible? 
    Yes, if your school identifies you as one of the students it wants to send to the conference.
  6. What are the fees for the conference?
    The registration fee is $20, and the conference fee is $75. We recognize that it’s a difficult year for everyone, so we’re asking people to pay more if they can, less if they can’t, whatever they can afford, on the honor system. If a school has multiple students wanting to attend, we can discuss a group discount.
  7. How does PBF select the students whose costs will be covered?
    PBF covers costs for all Peggy Browning Fellows to attend. We ask schools to cover the costs for other students. If a school cannot do so, we will consider requests to support a portion of costs for one student from the school. Schools should submit requests to mmoffa@peggybrowningfund.org. Requests should include an explanation of what support the school will provide, what other sources of support have been explored, and what specific costs the school asks PBF to cover.
  8. My school can’t pay for me. Will PBF cover any of my expenses?
    We will consider a request from your school. See the answer to question #6 above.
  9. Several students from my school want to attend but none of us can afford it. Will PBF consider a request for support that would be shared by two or more students?
    Yes, we will consider such a request. See the answer to question #6 above.
  10. Will I get my choice of workshops and meet-ups?
    We will honor your preferences as long as space is available in each particular session.
  11. I have a question not included in the above list. How can I get an answer?
    Send an email to mmoffa@peggybrowningfund.org or call 267-273-7992.