1. Do you fund fellowships only at the organizations listed on your website? What about internships at other organizations?
    Answer: Peggy Browning Fellowships are offered only at the organizations listed on our website.
  2. I am interested in an internship in family law, children’s rights, or constitutional law, but I don’t see these areas on your website. If I find an internship on my own, will you support it?
    Answer: No.
  3. Are third-year law students, LLM students, or students who have recently graduated eligible to apply for a Peggy Browning Fellowship?
    Answer: Our fellowships are intended primarily for first and second year students. Students who will not complete their third year of law school until December 2024 are eligible to apply for summer 2024 fellowships. Students graduating before the summer of 2024 are not eligible.
  4. Should we be writing separate applications for each organization in order to tailor the essays to the position or should we be filing a general application for all organizations?
    Answer: It’s entirely up to you. Keep in mind that the essays are a chance for you to demonstrate to the organization why you want to work there and why you would be the best choice for the position.
  5. Are the answers to the essay questions supposed to be two pages long for each one?
    Answer: No. Your response should be limited to a total of two double-spaced typed pages for all three essays together, not two pages for each answer.
  6.  Is it really necessary to include a cover letter?
    Answer: We’ll still accept your application without one, but a cover letter gives you another way to state your case. It also helps keep your application from getting lost in the shuffle at the organizations to which you’re applying.
  7. Should I list references from law school or may they be personal references?
    Answer: Use whichever references can give the most accurate picture of the strengths and abilities you would bring to the organization. Remember that the organization will be looking for confirmation that you’ll be able to do the work assigned during the fellowship, so use references who are best able to give relevant examples. In some cases this will mean using a law professor. In other cases it may mean using a previous employer, even if you were a volunteer, especially if your experience involved workers’ rights or other legal experiences.
  8. Is a writing sample required by all organizations to which I am applying? Is this writing sample separate from the essay questions at the end of the application?
    Answer: No, it is not required by all organizations. Read the description of the organization to which you are applying, and you will see which ones have requested a separate writing sample. The writing sample is separate from the essay questions at the end of the application.
  9. Should I include grades in my application materials?
    Answer: No, this is not necessary. If any of the organizations are interested, they will ask for them when you are interviewed.
  10. I’m a first year student, and I probably won’t have my grades until after your deadline. What should I do?
    Answer: See answer to #9 above.
  11. How soon will I get a response?
    Answer: We will acknowledge receipt of your application shortly after it is received. We encourage each Mentor Organization to complete the process of interviewing, checking references, and selecting their top candidates within three weeks of the application deadline. Often, however, it is not possible to achieve this because of the volume of applications. Once all of our positions have been filled, we will notify all applicants. We will also notify all unsuccessful applicants if we become aware of additional opportunities other than the fellowships we support.
  12. If I am offered a fellowship, how soon must I respond?
    Answer: Within three days, or the offer will be withdrawn, unless the mentor organization agrees to extend it further.
  13. I attend a school which is not listed on your website. What should I do?
    Answer: Ask your Labor Law Professor, Career Services Director, or Public Interest Coordinator to contact info@peggybrowningfund.org