How to Apply

The 2023 PBF Fellowship Program opened on October 27, 2023.  Offers will be starting on a rolling basis on Saturday, December 9th. Applications for the 2024 cycle closed Friday, January 12th, 2024.

1 fellowship remains open for the school-year Chicago News Guild. This will remain open until filled.

To check which Mentor Organizations are participating for 2024- click here.

Check the website for updates on our Summer 2025 program.

How the Application Process Works:

Students apply through the PBF Fellowship Application Form and a copy goes to both PBF and the mentor organizations selected. Mentor Organizations decide individually when they want to start interviewing – that could be right when they get your application, closer to the deadline, or even after.

Once the Mentor Organization makes a decision on who they want to hire, they are instructed to inform PBF Staff. PBF Staff will make the official offer to students as we explain the other benefits of the program and are able to give the applicants information about any other mentor organizations they're interested in. PBF staff will be totally transparent about what other organizations have been filled, pending, interviewing, etc. so applicants can make the best decision for themselves. Once applicants receive the fellowship offer from PBF staff, you'll have up to 3 business days to make your decision but can also accept on the spot.

If you have any questions about applications, contact

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View the 2024 PBF Fellowship Application Form