Fair Work, P.C.

Boston, MA

This is the 2023 fellowship description for this mentor organization. 

Fair Work, P.C. represents workers in individual and class action cases against their employers, including cases relating to workplace discrimination and unpaid wages.  Fair Work was established in 2013, and the firm has exclusively represented workers since its founding.

Fair Work is seeking candidates who have completed two years of law school. Projects would include all aspects of the litigation process including: participating in initial client intake meetings; doing legal and factual research as we develop initial case theories; drafting court complaints and other pleadings; working on discovery (including working with clients on discovery responses, reviewing document production, preparing for and attending depositions, etc.); doing legal research on and drafting sections of legal briefs, etc. Fellows would also participate in firmwide case strategy meetings. We would be open to the fellow attending any conferences at which any of us are speaking or which we are attending and also to attend court hearings, depositions, mediations, etc.

The stipend for this ten-week fellowship is $10,000.

This is an in-person preferred position.

Address cover letter to:

Hillary Schwab
Fair Work, P.C.
129 South Street
Boston, MA 02111