Equal Justice Center

Austin, Dallas, Houston or San Antonio, TX

This is the 2020 fellowship description for this mentor organization.

The Equal Justice Center's mission is to empower low-income workers, families, and communities to achieve fair treatment in the workplace and in the justice system - as private attorneys general holding employers accountable for wage violations, discrimination, and retaliation. The EJC uses plaintiff’s civil litigation and administrative enforcement to empower low-wage and immigrant workers. This includes: recovering unpaid wages (minimum wage, overtime, prevailing wages, contract wages); combating workplace sexual assault and harassment and other forms of employment discrimination; and vindicating workers’ NLRA rights to engage in protected concerted activity. In addition the EJC advances systemic reforms that make the workplace and the justice system more fair for immigrant and low-wage workers. As an integral part of our labor and employment law expertise, the EJC is one of the nation's leading law firms with a specialization in helping undocumented immigrants enforce their employment rights; in combating exploitation of temporary foreign “guest” workers; and in securing justice for victims of for labor trafficking.

EJC operates a unique program that trains and deploys law student interns to serve as student-attorneys actually handling active plaintiff's employment litigation for immigrant and low-wage clients.  After an intensive legal orientation, law students are assigned to litigation teams in which they serve as first-chair counsel prosecuting three to four active cases for immigrant and low-wage worker clients.  EJC attorneys serve as second-chair co-counsel providing the law students ongoing support and supervision.

In addition to this first-chair caseload, EJC legal interns also get a chance to work on complex class action, collective action, and mass action cases as co-counsel with EJC's highly experienced employment rights attorneys.  In the summer of 2019, law students will be able to work on pioneering projects to uphold and enhance undocumented immigrants' ability to enforce their labor and employment rights even in the face of the present crackdown in immigration enforcement.  Alternatively, a Fellow who may prefer non-litigation projects can elect to work with EJC staff attorneys on immigration reform advocacy, employment justice policy projects, or cutting edge legal research and writing related to employment justice.

The Fellow will have opportunities to expand their professional horizons through weekly formal class sessions on labor and employment practice; through co-counsel relationships with outside private and public interest attorneys; through networking with allied labor organizations, immigrant rights groups, and progressive private and non-profit attorneys; and through organized happy hours and social events.

The total 10-week stipend for this fellowship will be $6,000.

Address cover letter to:

Bill Beardall, Executive Director/Senior Attorney
Equal Justice Center
510 South Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78704