Chicago News Guild

Chicago, IL

This description covers both the 2021 summer fellowship and the 2021-2022 school-year fellowship for this mentor organization.

The Chicago News Guild is a labor union dedicated to protecting the rights of professional employees in the Chicago metropolitan area. The Guild has represented reporters, editors, photographers and other newspaper and digital media employees for over sixty years. The Guild also represents court interpreters and staff at other unions.

The Peggy Browning Fund Fellow will assist the Guild's Executive Director/General Counsel, who negotiates and litigates over the terms and conditions for the various collective bargaining agreements that the Guild administers. The Fellow will assist the Guild in a variety of tasks, including legal research, brief and memo writing, witness and case preparation for arbitrations, and cases before the NLRB and Illinois State Labor Relations Board.

The Fellow will attend legal proceedings, grievance meetings, collective bargaining negotiations, and membership meetings. During the course of assignments, the Fellow will have direct contact with the Guild's staff representatives and Guild officers. The Executive Director/General Counsel will directly supervise the Fellow.

In 2020, Peggy Browning Fellows hired by the Chicago News Guild worked remotely due to the pandemic. While we hope to have an in-office experience in 2021, we will follow public health guidelines.

The Chicago News Guild is an equal opportunity employer.

The total ten-week stipend for this summer fellowship will be $6,000. The stipend for the school-year fellowship will be $6,000 ($15.00/hour, 200 hours each semester).

Address cover letter to: 

Craig Rosenbaum, Esq., Executive Director/General Counsel
Chicago News Guild, Local 34071, TNG/CWA, AFL-CIO,CLC
33 N. Dearborn, Suite 1000
Chicago, IL 60602