National Day Laborer Organizing Network

Los Angeles, CA

This is the 2023 fellowship description for this mentor organization. This fellowship position has been filled.

The National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) was formed in 2001 as a collaborative effort by 12 local day laborer organizations and worker centers from across the country - all dedicated to a unifying mission of improving the lives of day laborers. Today, NDLON's membership has grown to 60 member organizations across sthe US and one international center in El Salvador. As a network, NDLON focuses its work on connecting and strengthening its member organizations to be more strategic and effective in their efforts to develop leadership, mobilize, and organize day laborers. Toward this end, NDLON's primary function is to facilitate and encourage a trans-local movement that elevates workers' voices to achieve economic justice, social and political inclusion, and equality for all immigrant communities.

Assignments for the Peggy Browning Fellow will include:

  • Working with our national worker center network to build capacity for a national labor rights campaign;
  • Provide support to organizers in identifying emblematic labor rights cases that will raise the profile of local and national labor policy advocacy;
  • Participate in national organizing calls to coordinate DALE campaign;
  • Legal research projects related to administrative action in labor law and legislation and codification of legislation;
  • Record requests and analysis of esults as part of advocacy through inquiry campaign efforts.

Preference for Spanish bilingual candidates. We expect the Peggy Browning Fellow to learn from organizing staff and from our members about developing successful collaborations between community organizing and legal strategies. We will include our Fellow in monthly trainings regarding working with community-based organizations, communications with the media, and wage theft case management. We are also open to other national webinars, and will use our connections to national networks to fostr educational opportunities for the Fellow.

The total ten-week stipend for this fellowship will be $7,000.

Address cover letter to:

Cal Soto, Workers' Rights Director
National Day Laborer Organizing Network
1030 S. Arroyo Parkway, Suite 106
Pasadena, CA 91101