SMART - (Sheet Metal Workers Union) Local #19

Philadelphia, PA

This is the 2024 fellowship description for this mentor organization. 

SMART - (Sheet Metal Workers Union) Local #19  is a labor union dedicated to protecting the rights of sheet metal workers in the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. Local Union No.19 has represented sheet metal workers and others for over 100 years. The legal counsel negotiates and litigates over the terms and conditions set forth in collective bargaining agreements it administers.

The Peggy Browning Fund Summer Fellow's assignment will include research and writing, counseling and interacting with Local 19 members about legal issues. Specifically, a Summer Fellow will help in a variety of tasks, including: brief and memo writing; witness and case preparation before the NLRB, Federal Courts and Arbitration; and assisting Local 19 in negotiating collective bargaining agreements.

The Fellow will attend legal proceedings, grievance meetings, and collective bargaining negotiations and will participate in any organizing drives. During the course of the assignments, the Fellow will have direct contact with Local 19 staff and officers. Local 19's General Counsel will supervise the Fellow.

The total ten-week stipend for this fellowship will be $7,000.

Address cover letter to:

Gary Masino, President and Business Manager
SMART - (Sheet Metal Workers Union) Local #19 
1301 S. Columbus Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19147