Joel F. Dillard, P.A.

Jackson, MS

This is the 2024 fellowship description for this mentor organization. This position has been filled.

Joel F. Dillard PA is a boutique employment litigation firm representing unions and employees. The firm's mission is to provide elite advocacy on behalf of some of the most underrepresented employees in the nation. Potentially interested applicants are encouraged to review the firm blog to learn more about the work of the firm.(

Fellows will have the opportunity to engage in real legal work. Each of the firm's previous fellows have drafted appellate briefs or summary judgment briefs, generating high-quality writing samples. The fellows are routinely assigned at least one writing assignment from each phase of the litigation lifecycle. In addition to written advocacy, the Fellow will also have face-to-face client meetings on a weekly basis, and will attend trials, hearings, depositions, and settlement conferences as they occur.

In 2021, the firm's fellow was instrumental in trying a sexual harassment case to a jury in federal court. She assisted in preparation by presenting arguments to a focus group before trial. At trial, she participated in selecting the jury, prepared demonstratives for use in opening statements, and read deposition testimony in court. The trial resulted in a $750,000 emotional distress verdict.

The firm's goal is to provide an experience which will allow the fellow to determine whether to pursue a career representing workers in litigation in the deep south. Applicants should submit a cover letter describing the reasons they are considering such a career. Applicants that do not provide a specific and well-written cover letter on this topic will be summarily rejected.

At this time it is not expected that remote work will be necessary.

In addition to the basic application requirements (cover letter, application form, essays, resume), applicants for this fellowship should also provide a legal writing sample and law school transcript.

$7,000 Stipend for 10-week program.

Address cover letter to:

Joel Dillard
Joel F. Dillard, P.A.
775 N. Congress Street
Jackson, MS 39202